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Zinc Bis-Glycinate

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White crystalline powder, slightly soluble in water.
Product Features
The new nutritional zinc supplement, zinc glycinate is a chelate with a cyclic structure formed by zinc and
glycine. Glycine is the smallest molecular weight amino acid, thus supplementing the same amount of zinc, with
the least amount of zinc glycinate compared to other amino acid chelated zinc. Zinc glycinate overcomes the
shortcoming of low nutrition enhancer utilization of zinc lactate, zinc gluconate and other second generation.
With its unique molecular structure, it combines amino acids and trace element organically, in line with the
body absorption mechanism and characteristics. It takes 15 minutes to get into intestinal mucosa and will be
quickly absorbed. It does not antagonize the calcium, iron and other trace elements in the body, hence increase
the body`s absorption of zinc.
1.Can be used for food, medicine, health care products and other industries;
2.Can be strengthened in dairy products(mink powder, milk, soy milk, etc.), solid drinks, cereal health products,
salt and other food.
Modulation of milk powder: 30mg/kg-60mg/kg;
Rice, wheat flour and its products:10mg/kg-40mg/kg;
Soy flour, soy milk powder: 29mg/kg-55.5mg/kg;
Solid drink: 60mg/kg-180mg/kg;
Western-style pastries, biscuits: 45mg/kg-80mg/kg;

Specification Sheet

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Molecular formula   Zn(NH2CH2COO)2
Molecular weight   213.51
CAS NO.   7214-08-6
Product standard   GB1903.2-2015
Appearance   White crystalline powder
Zinc bis-glycinate w/% 98.0
Zn w/% 30.0
Nitrogen(based on dry basis)w/%   12.5-13.5
Pb(mg/kg) 4.0
Cd(mg/kg) 5.0
Loss on drying w/% 0.5
Ph(10g/L aqueous solution)   7.0-9.0
Shelf life   Two years
Package   20kg/carton, 25kg/barrel or according to customer`s requirement

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